High-Performance Process

Create a culture where your employees are empowered to solve problems and drive results for your business.

Become a High-Performance Leader

Delivering superior results in less than 4 weeks!

We use our proven process to develop more confident and capable leaders, cohesive and productive teams, and an engaged and committed front-line. 

Learn the strategies and tools elite professionals use to deliver superior results.

Emerging leaders have a challenging job

Taking on new responsibilities while also learning how to lead a team.
Battling with imposter syndrome, being overwhelmed, and feeling like you are not good enough.
Worrying about your team and your job.

Unfortunately, most leaders are in a management position for an average of ten years before they receive professional development to accomplish their new responsibilities.

In the meantime, their performance suffers, their stress levels rise, their team is affected, and they have to learn by trial and error and hope they don’t pick up too many bad habits.

But your company is different. You don’t want to be like “most” leaders.

You want to provide your people with something special that will set the conditions for success and develop a culture of high performance at your company.

There is a better way, and it starts with rewarding your deserving people with a program that will elevate their capacity to entirely new levels
This program gives your emerging leaders a transformational experience, helping them move from a state of uncertainty and stress to a position where they achieve clarity, peace of mind, and balance in their operations.
Your people deserve the tools and support to achieve superior results, and this is a one-ofa-kind program that your people will thank you for.


"This course offers new perspective and almost a bit of a 'how-to' for leading my team. Most of us were promoted because we were competent at our job and had no formal or even informal leadership training. Mistakes have been made along the way. This course offers great guidance on how to successfully be part of and lead not just teams, but High Performing Teams."
"I am very happy to be given the opportunity for this course, this course came in my life right when I was looking for the next level and has inspired me to do so much. I am a better parent, husbands, provider, coach and leader thanks to you guy's. I took this to heart and will use my enthusiasm to grow this culture change cross site."
"I have always thought I have good self awareness, but this course helped me realize that I should be more assertive, confident but composed, these attributes are restricting my personal growth. It also made me aware I should have more compassion, yet less tolerance as well. I have allowed others to stretch my boundaries. The resultant frustration due to tolerance for this has hurt relationships. In summary maintain standards, some people do not fit in our lives, some corporate management styles also do not. Thank you."

Who is this program for?

Your Leader:

An emerging leader who is high performing and possesses the raw potential and an appetite for growth. They hold a high-leverage position, lead teams and/or initiatives, and are deserving of extra attention to support their growth and progression.

Your Company:

Consists of skilled employees who operate in a team environment where
your competitive advantage comes from the skill and ability of your
people to deliver superior results. Your senior leadership recognizes the
tremendous value your employees possess, and wants to help unleash
their potential.


Your Leader:

Increased confidence and capacity, and less stress.
Improved retention and job satisfaction
Improved clarity, peace of mind, and balance in operations.
Clearly established growth plan.
Able to align their team, manage constraints, and optimize performance.

Your Company:

Increased engagement, accountability, and performance for your leader and their team.
Improved retention and job satisfaction.
Improved channels of communication and less need to micromanage
By the end of this program, your leader will have launched an initiative to improve profitability

About Us

Our company was built on the Special Forces values of courage, empathy, and self-sacrifice. We believe it is a leader’s duty to set the conditions for their people’s success, and this requires a commitment to personal growth and a journey toward excellence.

We work with senior leaders who understand and recognize that their people are the key to their success. We simply help unleash the potential of your emerging leaders by developing high-performance leadership attributes.

Our unique background in competitive, high-risk industries allows us to provide clients with elite frameworks and procedures to give your people a competitive edge and a roadmap to deliver superior results.

For us, high performance is a way of life, and we aim to make high performance accessible to the world because it is truly a superpower that allows people to achieve success in whatever they desire.

High Performance Program

How It Works

This program is designed for maximum retention and effectiveness and blends in-person learning for engagement, live online delivery for convenience, and assignments for on-the-job application.

Over a period of four weeks, students will participate in courses and coaching for personal development and will be supported as they develop and launch an initiative to benefit their team and company

Course Options

Superior performance requires a new approach and a higher standard for training.

Achieving High Performance

Learn how to achieve success in your personal and professional life by leveraging the habits that all elite professionals use.

Developing High Performance

Learn how to create a culture of high performance by implementing the 5 Ingredients of High Performance Teams.

Sustaining High Performance

Learn how to turn strategy into execution, achieving clarity, peace of mind, and harmony in your work environment. This process enables you to solve any challenge thrown your way.

Project Work

In addition to developing your emerging leader, the focus of this program is to support them in the launching of an initiative that will solve a real-world problem for your company. These projects will allow participants to learn and apply tools to analyze, plan, execute, and debrief initiatives.

Whether it’s waste reduction, process improvements, or identifying new opportunities to improve profitability, this is where you will see an objective return on investment for this program.

Time Commitment

We get it, your people are busy, and when your leader is participating in professional development, they are not directly involved in your operations. This program is designed to minimize the time your leader is away from their company and create ease of learning, so the leader is able to immediately apply the material to benefit their team.

Your leader will have a total of 28 hours away from their team, broken into segments to reduce the operational impact. We front-load the in-person classroom material to allow the leader to continue working with their teams for the remainder of the four weeks. The remainder of the time is broken into 1 and 2- hour online sessions for convenience.

You will see dramatic improvements that will greatly outweigh the time commitment of this program.

Setting the conditions for your people’s success starts with providing superior professional development.

Contact Us today to empower your leaders to create a culture of high
performance at your company!

Course Testimonials

“Very well laid out and one of the few things the company has done in the way of training to help me grow as an individual. And taught by people who are the real deal. Absolutely unique experience and one of the best things I have come across in my career.”

“I very much enjoyed this course, the instructors show their passion through what they say therefore people naturally listen better. I would recommend it to anyone.”

“The couple of times i have now meet Justin and in my brief meeting with Dan awhile ago, i found both guys very easy to talk and feel comfortable around which makes being in their presences a pleasure and they keep engaged with their high energy approach.”

“Instructor is very knowledgeable and every one on my crew was happy to get this course.”

“Great instructor. very good job. he was able to keep the room entertained for the duration of the

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