High-Performance Education Package

Partnered with MacEwan University to provide you with high-performance knowledge and certifications to empower your leaders. Contact us to learn more.

Learn the strategies elite professionals use to achieve excellence in their personal and professional lives.

This transformational program is derived from content that has been successfully taught to thousands of professionals in multiple sectors, including post-secondary institutions, military, law enforcement, and private industry.

High-Performance Teams are safer, more productive and profitable, and experience less accidents, defects, and turnover.

High-Performance Program

Superior performance requires a new approach and a higher standard for training.

Achieving High Performance

Participants learn the foundational knowledge to become high performers in all aspects of their lives. Participants learn the attributes all elite high performers possess and understand the steps necessary to achieve excellence in their lives.

Developing High Performance

Providing leaders with the steps necessary to develop and sustain high-performance teams. Participants learn the five factors all elite high-performance teams leverage to perform optimally. Your leaders will be more confident and capable in their ability to empower their people to successfully tackle any objective or obstacle that comes their way.

Leading High Performance

Learn how to more effectively inspire and lead teams to deliver superior levels of performance. Your leaders will learn how to increase accountability and create a culture where employees are inspired to innovate, problem-solve, and increase safety, productivity, and performance.

Optimizing Performance in 3 Key Areas:


We increase engagement without complicated systems by empowering employees to fully participate, bringing their creativity, innovations, and talents to work.


We increase accountability without alienating employees by preserving dignity, focusing on restoration rather than blame, and giving people control over the outcomes.


We help you increase productivity without extra stress by teaching people how to optimize their performance in all aspects of their lives. This allows them to accomplish more, with the same or even less effort.

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Harness the power of your frontline leaders and create a culture of high performance.

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