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3 Day Certification: MacEwan University Skills Achievement

High-Performance Leadership for First Responders

First responders face unique challenges in their profession, responding to crises and overcoming traumas that the average person does not comprehend. You are responsible for making time-constrained decisions that change lives, all while subject to increasingly intense public scrutiny and constraints on your ability to do your job. 

Traditional leadership development often focuses on administrative management principles and doesn’t encompass the complex demands of frontline first responders. High performers are an exceptional class and require a specialized program to fully unleash their potential and increase safety, resilience, and team effectiveness.

We have crafted a leadership program that focuses on the principles of leadership adapted from elite, high-performing teams, which allows leaders to more effectively align their teams to purpose, build trust, combat complacency, and increase collaboration and empowerment. 

Our course will support your leaders in setting the conditions for their team’s success and empowering them to deliver superior results. 


This 3-day course combines three of our most popular courses, Achieving, Developing, and Leading High Performance, customized for your audience’s unique needs.

Feel free to select any of the days as a standalone course, or all three to receive a Skills Achievement from MacEwan University.  

Day 1: Achieving High Performance


Day 1 elevates an individual’s performance in their personal and professional lives. It covers how to be a high performer at an individual level, develop a winning mindset, be a more effective team player, and achieve success. Participants gain a functional roadmap to increased resilience, ownership, and high achievement. 

Day 2: Developing High Performance

Day 2 provides leaders with the steps necessary to develop and sustain high-performance teams. Participants learn the five factors all elite high-performance teams leverage to perform optimally. Your leaders will be more confident and capable in their ability to empower their people to successfully tackle any objective or obstacle that comes their way

Day 3: Leading High Performance

Day 3 provides leaders with the skills to more effectively inspire and lead teams to deliver superior levels of performance. Your leaders will learn how to increase accountability and create a culture where employees are inspired to innovate, problem-solve, and increase safety, productivity, and performance

Program Cost:

Discounted Flat Rate for First Responders

*As part of our commitment to make this content as accessible as possible to those who protect and serve our communities, we offer a discounted flat rate based on the number of participants. 

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